L8guard is a web-based software system that enables you to fully manage the low-use water outlet flushing regimes across your entire estate.

By working with departmental contacts, the system automatically generates risk assessment forms and tracks responses through to completion, escalating when necessary and providing a fully closed-loop audit trail.

Users can easily complete the risk assessment form, either confirming that there are no low-use water outlets in their area or listing any outlets they have flushed. Faults or lack of access can be reported at the same time.

The implementation process is simple: no installation is required and we populate the system for you with all building, room and contact details. Once implementation is complete, our support team continues to manage the relationship between users and the system by telephone and email.

Administrators can access the real-time information via the central database and automatically receive daily, weekly and monthly performance reports.

Existing users say it typically takes them under a minute to complete the assessment