Fire Compliance Online

Fire Compliance Online is an innovative new software system that enables fire officers to manage fire warden distribution, local fire safety checks and full fire risk assessments across multiple sites and buildings.

Fire Wardens Module

Use Sites, Buildings, Sectors and Departments to define your premises, then create a register of Fire Wardens for each location. You can keep track on their training, set ‘optimum’ and ‘minimum’ numbers of fire wardens for each location, and enable automatic fire safety checks.

Fire Safety Checks form a customisable set of questions that are required to be completed by fire wardens on a regular basis (often weekly). The questions typically require fire wardens to check for obstructions to means of escape, areas are clear of accumulated waste, fire extinguishers are correctly positioned, etc.

The system automatically emails nominated Fire Wardens with a reminder to complete the Safety Checks for the week. Any recorded non-compliances are collated and reports are sent automatically to Area Managers, Fire Officers or Estates Help-Desks as required.

The system automatically monitors for responses, and raises escalations to senior managers if a response is not received – ensuring a ‘closed-loop’ for audit purposes.

Fire Risk Assessments Module

Working with the same physical location structure, the Fire Risk Assessments module provides a more detailed tool for more in-depth risk assessments completed by trained personnel such as fire officers.

Designed to be compatible with all modern ‘tablets’, as well as working on your PC or Mac, no separate ‘App’ is required. Simply start the risk assessment and answer the (customisable) questions. Upload photos of non-compliant areas and create lists of actions, even add supporting documents such as floor plan images.

Compliance and Reporting

Fire Compliance Online includes a powerful ‘dashboard’ showing the current position across the estate – be it shortfalls in the number of trained fire wardens, poor performance on local safety checks or outstanding actions on full risk assessments. Additionally, automated reports are sent out to nominated personnel to highlight current performance and areas of possible risk.

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