Digital Missives Ltd. Hello and welcome to Digital Missives. I established Digital Missives in March 2005, initially as a consultancy in facilities management software implementation and general small business IT support. We’re now into our 8th year of trading and the company has transformed into a fully-fledged software house providing simple solutions to specific problems. The increasing success of our sister company, Digital Invoicing has allowed us to focus our attention on some of the ‘missing’ elements of FM software, as well as looking at some of the challenges faced by new and small businesses. Throughout, we’ve remained true to our core-principal of delivering simple solutions. The most significant causes of failure in the implementation of new systems (electronic or manual) are over-engineering, technical terminology and a lack of understanding of the desired outcome. At Digital Missives we strive to keep our systems simple. We believe in Information Technology - but to us this means computers are a tool to help people, not to hinder them - and whilst graphic design and impact are important, they’re not worth anything if they add complexity to the operation. 2013 saw a significant uptake of our L8guard product, meaning that despite the global financial uncertainties everyone is facing, we’re continuing to expand the company and explore new commercial avenues.
Tim Moore Managing Director